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: this is the national desk. they cover america. this is the foreign desk, covering the globe. every picture that comes into fox news channel comes through the media desk. here on "the live desk" those pictures will always be on the right-hand side of the screen. juliet: in the top box we are waiting for president obama to begin speaking in phoenix, talking about the wars in iraq and afghanistan, and as we wait, the health care debate rages on. the president last week said that a public option is an absolute must in any health care bill, but now the white house could be changing its tune. and an update on a story that we broke. e-mails from the white house going to people who never asked for them. now the white house is responding. in the middle box, a tragedy in the sky. fighter jets colliding as they rehearse for an air show. in the bottom box, hurricane season is in full swing. the florida panhandle is dealing with the aftermath of the claudette and now hurricane bill is picking up strength. trace: we begin with health care and the question over president obama's plan for health insurance is dead or
the news begins. behind me is the national desk. they are covering america. over here is the foreign desk. they are covering the globe. every picture that comes into fox news channel comes in through here, our media desk. on "the live desk" those pictures will always be on the right-hand side of the screen. in the top box, breaking news concerning the deficit. the cbo has come out with a brand new numbers, and they are much worse than projected. polls show that americans believe the number one board of the obama administration should be to reduce the deficit. what does this mean for health care then, cap and trade, and other administration policies? in the middle box, a story that broke here on "the live desk." an explosion at a northern california high school. now we know about the man behind the bombing and the vast amount of weapons and explosives he was carrying. in the bottom box, developments on this model who was caught drinking beer and then must sentenced to be caned. now there is a key decision from the judge in the case. martha: also this afternoon dick cheney slamming the atto
system, particularly the public model which are worth emulating. >> with respect to the buy america provision, your prime minister raises this every time we see each other. that is important to note. he is expressing his country's concerns. i think it is also to keep it in perspective, that we have not seen some sweeping steps to protectionism. there was a particular provision within our recovery package, stimulus package, that did not extend beyond that. it was wto compliant. it was not something that i thought was necessary, and but it was introduced at a time when we had a severe economic situation and it was important for us to act quickly and not get bogged down in the day to around this particular provision. prime minister harper and i discussed this, and there might be mechanisms whereby local states and jurisdictions can work with provinces to allow possible -- cross border procurement practices that expands the trading relationship, but i think it is important to keep it in perspective. this has in no way in danger the billion dollars in trade taking place between our two c
week, we received a report on america's gross domestic product, an important measure of our economic health. it showed marked improvement over the last few months. this morning, we received additional signs that the worst might be behind us. though we lost 247,000 jobs in july, there was nearly 200,000 fewer jobs lost in june. far fewer than the nearly 700,000 jobs the month that we were losing in the beginning of the year. today, we are pointed in the right direction. we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. we have pulled the financial system back from the brink and the market is restoring value to those 401ks that are the foundation for a secure retirement. we have enabled families to reduce payments on their mortgages, making their homes more affordable, and reducing the number of foreclosures. we helped revive the credit markets and opened up -- loans for families and small businesses. while we have rested our economy from catastrophe, which also have begun to build a new foundation for growth. that is why we passed an unprecedented recovery act l
. that is the national desk. they are covering america. this is the foreign desk. every picture that comes into fox news comes in through here at the media desk. those pictures will always be in those three on the right-hand side. in the top box, we are learning about what happened to an airplane that had to make an emergency landing because of turbulence. you will hear from a passenger who says that they were flung from their seats. cash for clunkers could be dead on the road. now it is up to the senate to keep the program going, but now some democrats are saying that program does not make sense to them. in the bottom box, imagine no one on line and seeing a picture of your child on line, and then imagines seeing the picture because someone had put it up for adoption. martha: right now we are waiting for press secretary robert gibbs to step in front of the microphone. he is likely to be in the hot seat today as reporters try to pin him down as to whether there is a door opening on new taxes to pay for health care and reduce the deficit. some of the president's top in visors are saying it is not necessa
. president obama says that he worked hard all the time. he worked very hard to change america for the better. >> his ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. seniors have no new dignity. family to no new opportunity. and children who know education's promise, and all who can pursue their dream in an america that is more equal and more just, including myself. martha: bret bair, this news, although everybody knew it was likely to be coming, it sinks in in many parts of the country, and is felt so strongly in washington. he and his family made civil rights the hallmarks of what he did. how is his loss felt where you are? >> there is outpouring of response from both sides of the ideal. when you look at his 36-year career, it's banned overtime presidencies. he authored or coauthored 2500 pieces of legislation. they were big pieces of legislation. as you mentioned, the civil rights legislation, title 9, cobra. some people say that you can measure a man by what his adversaries say about him. there are a lot of republicans who ideologically were diametricall
in new hampshire and across america. six months ago, we were in the middle of the worst recession of our lifetimes. i want you to remember what things were like in january and february. we were losing 700,000 jobs per month. economists of all stripes feared a second coming of the great depression. that was six months ago. that is why we acted as fast as we could to pass a recovery act that would stop the freefall. i wanted to make sure everyone understands what we did. one-third of the money in recovery when to tax cuts which already started showing up in the paychecks of 500,000 working families in new hampshire. [applause] we also cut taxes for small businesses, on the investment they make, and over 300 small businesses have qualified for new loans backed by the recovery act. that was one third. another one-third of the money in the recovery act is for emergency relief for folks who have borne the brunt of the recession, so we have extended unemployment benefits for 27,000 new hampshire residents. [applause] we have made health insurance 65% cheaper for families who rely on cobra while
dealing with this health-care issue. trace: polls show that america is against the public option here. you have. read saying, we're going to give this a couple of weeks. and a couple of weeks, we very well may try to push this through with 51 democrats. they are going to go with their reconciliation vote. are you just thumbing your nose of what the american people have said they want over the past three and a half weeks? >> not at all. i think the whole point -- in five months, they will have a special election. this is to make sure that between now and when the vote's coming up that the people of massachusetts have representation. this is too important of a debate when health-care premiums have doubled over the past eight years -- >> we know that it will happen in five months. right now shows how desperate your party is. maxine waters has stated that -- maxine waters has stated that if you take the public option out, she will not vote for the bill. you have democrats dealing with the current legislation. >> i am just saying, i think are the problem is that instead of having some of rancor
it is time to begin fighting for america's greatest generation. in the middle box, news on that freeway in maine that swept a crowd of people out to sea. there is dramatic rescue video. in the bottom box, breaking news out of martha's vineyard. the white house will now create and oversee a special unit to interrogate terrorism suspects. what does this mean for the cia? martha: and the announcement comes just as did justice department and cia seem poised over a showdown over interrogation tactics. we have confirmed the justice department's office of the ethics want to eric holder to reopen the prisoner abuse cases. these are cases that the bush administration wanted closed. this afternoon the justice department will make a public statement about a 2004 report that detailed prisoner abuse by the cia. catherine herridge is following this for us. we understand some of this is already out, but much of the material was redacted. what do we expect to see this time around that will be more revealing? >> we are respecting well over 1000 documents to be released. including the inspector general's
. they are covering america for you. if you scan over here, this is the foreign desk. their job is to cover the globe. over here, every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right along here, the media desk. on "the live desk," those brand new pictures will always be on the boxes on the right-hand side of the screen. jamie: there are reason new details and the death of day for bikini model. she was stripped and stuffed in a suitcase. a reality tv star is taking detectives to canada. the horrifying ways that police say he tried to cover his tracks. trace: the commander-in-chief set to speak on afghanistan's presidential election. that is before he heads off to camp david. we will go live to the white house. jamie: there are some of lee numbers for the man in the oval office. new national polls are showing americans are losing confidence in president obama. it is thought to be a direct result of the health-care debate. trace: we begin with the president's pre-vacation rambling over health care. we told you how the president paz approval rating had fallen, the same goes for the approv
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of the country. in 2003 when the jewelry store was last abroad, they found some of the items in america. the fear is that if they're out of the country, they might be put into hiding for a number of years. some of the items may also be altered so they are not recognized by legitimate dealers. trace: michelle clifford, thank you. julie: if no one has wish you a happy cost of the government day, let us be the first. it is the day when the average worker is finished paying off his or her share of running the government. the day is courtesy of the americans for tax reform foundation and the center for fiscal accountability. this year, it is today, august 12, nearly one month later than last year. the cost of government is consuming more than 61% of national income. why is it so expensive? that group sites big budgets, bailouts, cap and trade cost, and medicine. lawmakers are getting an earful from constituents. let's take you to maryland where senator cardin is holding this town hall meeting. 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. that's a great call.
. the initial money is gone in a flash. >> $600 million out the door. there are lots of dealers around america, and i have seen many of them interviewed, and they're wildly enthusiastic about this program. trace: tennessee republican senator alexander joins us. is there a concern among you and some of your colleagues at the government is still picking winners and losers? we know manufacturing is down and retail is down. why not cash for dishwashers? >> you are right about that. my first choice would be to reduce the deficit with the $2 billion. you're exactly right. reduce the deficit, not add taxes, and get the economy moving. trace: cash for clunkers is going to pass. it looks like $2 billion. what is your sense of the new program that comes down the pike? the stimulus funds have not come down the pike. what is next that taxpayers are on the hook for? >> i think the mood in the republican caucus and around the country is no more bailouts. let's hold taxes down. let's get the economy moving again. trace: there's a big concern about health care now. i know you're a big advocate of not spending
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brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. julie: welcome back, everybody. take a look on the screen. awaiting president obama in montana. the president said to pose a health care town hall. that is michael phelps. i will get to that in a second. it is the home state for max baucus, an important player in passing health care reform. a brand new information on the car crash involving olympic swimmer michael phelps. copps said that he was -- it was absolutely not his fault. the other driver is a female driver who ran a red light and hit his suv. they said that drugs and alcohol were not a factor. in the bottom box, tropical trouble. two patches of severe weather on the brink of becoming tropical storms off the coast of africa now heading for the caribbean and possibly the southern united states. rick: also today, calif. fire crews are working overtime and battling a fast-moving wildfire as we speak. this video is coming in from the santa cruz mountains, where flames have forced more than 2000 people from their homes. the wildfire first sparked wedn
that this is not representative of america. from the polls and from what people are saying, these appear to be effective and they appeared to be fairly representative of the american voters. >> let's talk about the town halls. people have a right to be heard. when you hear people questioning where president obama was born, -- [interruption] trace: is the administration of playing defense? >> first of all, it is not clear how much defense they are playing. people see this sense of outrage. it borders to intolerance that they hear from these people at these town halls that harken back to the intolerance they saw and the mccain/palin campaign in the fall. i think it is way too early to say. >> 60% hate what is being proposed here by the house democrats and the senate. the more the american people say -- >> where does that number come from? >> every time president obama goes out to advocate this health care reform, his poll numbers drop. more and more people start falling away from supporting this thing. i will tell you something else. president obama ran as a guy with a silver tongue. a great master of rhe
. they are covering america. this is the foreign desk, covering the globe. every picture that comes into fox news comes through here, the media desk. brand new pictures will always be on the boxes on the right- hand side. in the top box, information on what was supposed to be a suicide terrorist attack on a military base in australia by a group with links to al qaeda. the prime minister believes it could be retaliation for helping the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan. in the middle box, bill clinton in north korea to talk about the release of worley and tuna -- laura ling and euna lee. in the bottom box, the obama administration holding a texting summit to deal with the issue of driving while distracted. we have all of the info. martha: we sure do. but first, tax revenues. the ap reporting the biggest tax shortfall since the great depression. that means the country's piggyback is literally running out of cash. that is bad news for a president who is looking ahead to health care reform, stimulus, cash for clunkers, and other programs. james rosen has been getting the details for us. some on the number
. this is where the news begins. behind us over here is the national desk. they cover america for fox news. in this one over here, this is the foreign desk covering the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right along here. it is the media desk. on "the live desk" those brand new pictures will always be in boxes. in the top box, breaking right now, police and the medical examiners say that she was high and drug out of her mind when she drove a minivan full of kids down the wrong side of a new york highway, colliding head-on with a suv. her husband says that she was sick, not drunk. he wants her body exhumed for a private autopsy. we will hear from him in moments. in the middle box, what could be a major break. are you kidding me? in the case of madeleine mccann. an all-out search is underway for a woman who looks very much like victoria bekham and may hold of key to finding her. chilling new video diaries of that man accused of the deadly shooting in a pittsburgh health club. what they reveal about the motive for the deadly rampage coming up. martha: if you
. this is truly an icon of journalism. >> he was one of the most influential journalists and america. he was one of the rare columnists that instead of remaining in his own office every week, he went out and used shoe leather in journalism, newspaper reporting skills, and got faxed to put in his column. he made a point of pride to never print a column that did not have at least one new previously unreported fact. he was a giant. he will be missed. trace: he was a contributor for us in recent years. you go back and you know he was raised jewish, converted to the ball as the sun. he was a conservative but a registered democrat. -- catholicism. he was a man of every flavor. >> he was always anti-communist, anti-taxation, but he wrote in his memoirs that these other issues he was forced to take hard positions on to the course of many decades on television shows. so he was perceived to be a right wing ideologue, but it was more complicated than that. you are right, he was a registered democrat. he was basically a curmudgeon. he did not like democrats or republicans, and he loved to stir up trouble. j
they will of continue to do that. as we stay -- say in my state, he has another thing coming in the things that america is going to stand idly by as they push health-care reform through congress. trace: thank you. martha: how is it going? shepard: we have been going through withdrawal with you gone. martha: that is why i left. shepard: we did a story about those voters -- boaters. this is coming up by the way, at the top of the ever. we will meet someone who stayed behind to protect his ranch in california. thousands of homes are in jeopardy. i was listening to you guys talk about all of the areas that are being affected. and the dugard case. martha: she is a little kid when she gets there. it is all about survival. how is she going to be react limited to a normal life? shepard: and her children. speaking of, we will be to a woman who knows both of their children. she owns a printing press, and she met the family through that way. she has a different story about these kids. it will be a great power. martha, thank you. see you then. trace: hurricane jimena tearing through the pacific ocean right now, ap
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20